Thursday: STONEHENGE (and British BK)

Leo, our tour bus driver for Stonehenge, was a snarky, likeable fellow. “Don’t get too excited,” he said before we left town. “It’s just a pile of rocks.”

A trip to the countryside was nice. Not just because of the reprieve from the city (they don’t come hustlier and bustlier than London), but the two hour drive was a chance to sit, zone out a little, and just look. We had been pushing at full steam for four days. This one would be more casual and relaxed.

The night before, Chris had gotten a pasta salad at the grocery store for the bus trip. For some reason, pesto seemed like a good idea. The container wasn’t well-sealed, however, and ended up lubricating one inside pocket of his messenger bag with a fine coat of oil.

Also gave off a nice, pungent odor for our bus mates.

Too bad there were two books in there with the pesto explosion salad. Oh well, now they have memorable stains.

Stonehenge itself was about what one would expect. Definitely worth checking out, but, well, it’s a pile of rocks!

We had fantastic light, clouds, and color for our photos. Thanks nature!

Lexy realized that she had some Honus Honus stickers in her purse, and that this would be the perfect opportunity for a few #deadagain shots. (If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it, Chris doesn’t either.)

Stonehenge, everybody!

Chris now has a seriously bad ass cover photo for his Facebook profile!

Next came woodhenge, which is another henge. Made of wood.

Woodhenge is actually older than its stony brother.

Chris theorized that sitting on one of the posts might imbue his butt with mystical powers. Seems to be working so far. Thank you, British ancestors!

No trip to a foreign country would be complete without a sample of the localized versions of our fast food. When we got back into town, we headed straight for Burger King.

Would the flavoUr be the same?

Hours before, we had walked by a Burger King, and Chris  noticed something called a “Prague Crunchy Cheese Whopper” featuring a cheese patty, onions, bacon and BBQ sauce. (You read that right – a cheese patty. A fried cheese patty, to be more specific.) It was love at first sight, so Chris made a date with this sexy thing.

Now came the moment of truth.

It was everything Chris had hoped it would be.

Offering a black bean burger (to accommodate the local vegetarian Indian population), British BK was able to feed Lexy something more than just fries. It was “eh.” The fries and chicken nuggets were also off somehow. But it was all definitely Burger King.

Only one more day now! Amazing how little time five days actually gives you, once you get into the thick of it. We had to scuttle at least half a dozen possibilities, including a ride on the chunnel to France. C’est la vie.

For our final day, we’ll be walking along the Thames to check out a few specific spots.

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