Wednesday: The Zoo, Camden Market, Gambling

London Zoo had been a top priority from the outset, not merely because a nearby zoo will always be a priority for Lexy, but because Chris had (somehow) never been to any zoo, ever!

First obstacle was construction barricades at our bus stop, which meant we had to reroute a little. Much easier said than done in this town. Buses aren’t quite as straightforward as the tube.

We found an alternate stop without too much trouble and were on our way.

The weather was perfect, at least to our tastes (crisp and overcast), and unlike just about everywhere else, the zoo was wonderfully sparse of humans.

No gorillas for Chris today (they were hiding?), so he took a picture with this one.

We more than made up for the lack of great apes with Lexy’s favorite primate. These lemurs came surprisingly close and personal, leaping and climbing around well within touching distance, which made them difficult not to touch.

Ms. Giraffe, moments before relieving herself for the spectators.

Lexy found some goat friends. Two of them escaped. Staff went after one, who they identified as “Brambles.”

Way too many critters to see and photograph here, and if you wanna see a camel, a sloth, a colobus monkey, a lioness, or anyone else we bumped into, the Internet can give you better photos than we can. The zoo, at any rate, was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Next we headed for a vegan ice cream and bakery in Camden Market, about a mile north of the zoo. Very nearly got ourselves lost again, as we didn’t realize until quite a ways along the wrong road that we were supposed to be following a riverside foot path. We righted ourselves quickly.

Camden Market was a loud, aromatic, busy crush of humanity.

After some fruitless searching (Google maps and directions are only helpful to a limited degree in an outdoor market), we asked some folks who were able to point us to the place.

Lexy got a cookie dough shake, Chris got the brownie shake.

Plus two donuts for breakfast on Thursday.

Dusk, which is more leisurely at this latitude, was falling as we walked back to our bus stop.

We headed to Farmacy for dinner, a restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

No reservations taken here, so we were in for a 45 minute wait. Some nice, leafy decor in the waiting area.

With our table still a ways out, Chris took the opportunity to make a time-killing suggestion.

Gambling is legal in the UK, but unlike in Vegas or Reno, one doesn’t find himself drowning in an endless, droning sea of casinos. They’re peppered about here and there, infrequent enough to be… enticing.

Lexy was averse to even stepping into any of these places. Chris, on the other hand, was being pulled like a magnet. While gaining access to a casino floor with real table games, dealers, etc. would have required signing up for a membership (the casinos here are all “clubs”), the upstairs slot areas were walk-in ready, and Chris was ready to walk in. We had a table to wait for, after all, and a £10 bill into the roulette machine wouldn’t hurt anybody. What high-rollers.

“I’m bad luck,” Lexy said. She was right. The £10 was gone in a few minutes. Left to his own devices, Chris would have hunkered down and gotten cozy, but it was time to head back to the restaurant and be seated.

Chris ordered mushroom tagliatelle.

Lexy had a black bean mushroom burger.

That’s a garlic aioli you see on the patty.

The drinks here were lovely.

Another day, gone quickly.

Leaving London for Day 4 to get our stone on!

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    1. It wasn’t so much that they were uncaged as it is that the humans go into THEIR cage, with a foot path through the middle. I don’t think you can get away with that in the US, but people here are well-behaved. 🙂

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