Sunday: A Flight, A Nap, a Pub

Our flight was about 10 hours, super smooth, and honestly did not feel like 10 hours. The value of a direct flight is immense. Even a single plane-change has a way of doubling the perceived length of a flight, so we didn’t have to worry about that.

Lexy requested a vegan meal when we checked in online. They came through (and she was part of the first group to be served, so that was a bonus). It was totally edible. Sorry for the dark/red pic; Virgin Atlantic has a trippy lightshow thing going on, it’s always orange, pink, or purple in there.

No problem getting through immigration, out of the airport, and to our train. In fact, our first actual, frustrating obstacle of the trip was getting out of Paddington Station once we got there. An immense building that seems designed to obscure and lie about where the exits are.

Once we escaped the maze, our hotel was a short walk away. We got there right at check-in time. (We’ll post more hotel pics later, we’re just half-unconscious at the moment.)

They say not to go to sleep when you arrive after a trans-Atlantic flight, but to just fight through the jet lag until bedtime. We ignored this advice and took a three hour nap. (Not to worry, it’s bedtime now, and we’re definitely ready to sleep again.)

After our nap, we went out to have our first ever-meal in a British pub,
complete with live music. Hard not to smile at the sound of some English kid singing Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman songs.

Without many vegan options (without any actually) Lexy settled for fish and chips:

Chris had a chicken and leek pie. Very tasty:

We were very happy to have avoided any and all disasters up to that point. Then, when Lexy was ready to plug her hair dryer into the wall adapter, Chris warned her that the dryer probably wouldn’t enjoy 240V DC too much. She used the wall-mounted one. Luckily her flatiron is dual-voltage. Phew, still disaster free so far…

Once we were back in the room, it rained for about twenty minutes, complete with lightning and thunder. Should be mostly clear the rest of the week.

That was it for Day 1. Amazing how short a weekend feels when you lose eight hours of it.

It’s now early Monday morning, which means that it’s our anniversary. We’ll be sticking close to our vicinity tomorrow, probably venturing further out on Tueday.

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  1. Great to hear from you. You can probably feel the mom grin from there, can’t help it. Happy anniversary! ❤???

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